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Let’s get in alignment about digital marketing. Your company goals include a lift (increase) in leads, transactions or clients. 

I see common sense in broad research and then focused action. Place a lens on your owned digital properties (website, email, onboarding, social) and follow a website and digital marketing review.

Move into how to evaluate and break into digital marketing channels. Check out my website, marketing and eCommerce blog posts and kickstart DIY client acquisition. 

Looking for ideas, pick a focus area from the Pirate Metrics blog post and devise a strategy.

  • Awareness of your brand, products, services, Jobs to Be Done JTBD & Personas.
  • Acquisition tactics including lead generation & conversion rate optimization.
  • Activation of buyers & customers into a CRM or other system.
  • Revenue from your various activities.
  • Retention & the Client LTV.
  • Referrals and proof.

Do you need eCommerce resources?

If you engage in eCommerce, you have some knowledge and experience and want to expand on that. I teach and do eCommerce strategy, setup and optimization. For starters, you want an increase in transaction frequency and Average Order Value AOV.

  • Platform selection support, including criteria matrix and prioritization for headless eCom, shopping carts, payment providers, hosts and platforms.
  • Native SaaS eCommerce functionality: setup, configuration and integration with POS, inventory, CRM and APIs. Or any other secure connection.
  • More native eCom: Payment providers, inventory, card not present sales, wish lists, discount codes. There are dozens of possible features, settings and options.
  • Considerations: Real-time shipping, APIs, 3rd party integrations, data-sharing, Paid advertising item piping, Zapier, Email automation integration, and Affiliates.
  • Hybrid eCommerce: Brick and mortar, custom-made or built-to-spec products.

Have questions about or roadblocks with any of those topics? Get in touch.

What about Acquisition Channel Research & Strategy?

What’s an Acquisition Channel?

An acquisition channel is any media content that’s public or commercial.

  • Your website and email lists are digital properties and acquisition channels.
  • The social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and others are channels for organic growth.
  • Use their media to find and engage with your audience. Boost posts on all those platforms and place paid ads.
  • The websites Reddit and Quora are channels in themselves.
  • There’s dozens of channels.

What’s it mean to Evaluate and Select a Channel?

Don’t spend time or money on Social Ads, Google Ads, SEO or anything unless proven with research. 

Example 1: Are your buyers  on Twitter and will they click a boosted Tweet or media ad with a message in the research phase of the buyer journey?

Example 2: Can you improve 3 of your existing blog posts and write 1 more to fulfill a strategic plan to boost rankings for 7 keyphrases?

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