Website Strategy, Marketing and Optimization

Optimize from the buyer’s purchase click backward. Website strategy can begin with Average Order Value (AOV) and continue to event decision point systematic improvement. XWebNow provides strategic website services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs.) Our specialty is eCommerce for small  (10 to 49 employees) to medium-sized (50 to 249) operations.
We implement the design, coding, copywriting, and optimization from acquisition to Add to Cart.

eCommerce: front to back

eCommerce Front to Back
  • Platform strategy & decision support
  • Inventory mapping & digitization
  • POS, DTC & card not present orders
  • Cart customization, config,  & analytics
  • Real-time shipping calculation config
  • eCommerce services

Lightspeed eCommerce Case Study

  • Choosing the right SaaS Platform
  • Inventory digitization & mapping
  • Quotes, Service and Work Orders
  • Payment provider & gateway advisory
  • Shopping Cart and Shipping Set up 

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services
  • Multi Channel Growth Marketing
  • Organic Social Outreach & Signals
  • ICP, VoC & analytics event driven
  • Acquisition channel strategy advice
  • Marketing services
  • Paid channel audit & recovery
  • SEO Content  & on-page optimization
  • Backlink cold outreach campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Paid Search Audit & Campaign Management

Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads, and YouTube ads. Facebook and Instagram. Amazon, TikTok, Quora, and Pinterest.  Get visitors back to your website or drive sales through social.

Paid Ad Services


  • Account audit, recovery & refinement
  • Campaign, ad group & ad optimization
  • Keyword add, removal & match type
  • Bid strategy & decision matrix
  • Ad & landing page copywriting.
  • Keyword Performance Indicator (KPI) driven execution & procedure.

Website Development

Website Development

Full stack site design, dev & maintenance

  • Coding in Perl, PHP, Java, C# and more.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery
  • WordPress, Webflow, Joomla, Drupal
  • UI, UX & site architecture
  • Logo, brand & style
  • Website design services


  1. Initial discovery. What, why, when?
  2. Proposal <$5K or Paid Roadmap >$5K
  3. Detailed project outline & steps
  4. Implementation or deliverable handoff.
Website Design by XWebNow

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

If you sell 1,000 to 5,000 products online, your annual revenue is over $2,500,000, or you want to get there, we can help you.

  • A demand gen engine can accelerate your growth.
  • We define your ideal client persona and what social platforms they use.
  • Or from which websites, like Quora, or Medium they get news and information. Or where do they get entertainment.
  • Big marketing uses $100 words to explain this, but it’s simple.
  • We use Buzzsprout, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other data to find where your prospects are and what they’re doing.
  • Then, we create outreach campaigns for the platforms that make the most strategic and common sense. If your buyers aren’t on Twitter, then why go there?


Suppose your buyers are heavy on Instagram. Double down your efforts there. Is AI initially necessary for testing this? Probably not.

You track view events with G4 along with reporting and other features.

What is Growth Marketing

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a phrase that’s been around for over a decade. Maybe more. However, it’s always been a practice of forward-thinking companies. They didn’t have a name for it—common sense, perhaps.

Pirate Metric Website Strategy

  • Forms are simple & intuitive
  •  A site menu helps or hinders.
  • Sites are clean & rapid on mobile.
  • eCommerce is endless lifting.
  • Any process can be automated.
  • Onboarding is post-sale support.

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Website Strategy

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