Get a Website Design Client using the Outreach Strategy

This SaaS tool company provides an excellent free set of tools & data. You won’t find it anywhere, especially with the Free Site Checker.

It’s a SaaS website research tool, much more and amazing company.

You get Analytics and Tracking. A list of all Widgets being used. Find out if a site is using a Content Delivery Network CDN or a Content Management System CMS.

The tool lists through each JavaScript library and function being used. Back in 2000 we had to figure this out by viewing source and reading code.

See their SSL certificates. Which Web Host Provider they use and the Operating System.

All of this is historical. They keep it cached.

Their other data reports & tools are about one thing. Finding leads. Which is about finding clients. Which is about making sales.

Change the display view to hide free tech info.

If there’s enough information you’ll get a company report.

They offer Lead Generation reports
You build lists of websites that use specific tech (Shopify, magneto, etc.)
Then you can filter, and sort by location, traffic, vertical and more.

Perform Sales Intelligence

Know your prospect’s platform before you talk to them. Improve your conversions with validated market adoption. <– they wrote this. I don’t know what it means. I suppose…never mind. I’m not even trying.

Gain Market Share Information
Use their advanced technology market share information and country-based analytics for all web technologies.

With the free account you can view the BuiltWith Top Ranked Sites. Byh sales revenue, tech spend, employees and you probably get other data points with a paid version.

You can create a free account a Builtwith and get notifications if a website’s technology changes.