Buy a Google Domain to
Build a Quick, Effective &
Good Enough Website
for your Small Business

Google domain purchase is simple and quick.

Benefits a Google Domain

1. Ease of use. From domain purchase to email management.
2. Site speed & email deliverability.
3. Build a website using Google’s no-code site builder.

Summary of the Buying Process

1. Buy a $12 Google Domain Name for your business or organization.


2. Create a quick, effective & “Good Enough” website.
3. With Google’s no-code website builder.
If you can send an email, you can build a website.

Buy a Domain Detailed Steps

1. Do a Google search for “buy a google domain”
2. Click “Google Domains – Register Your Domain Name…”
3. Search for a domain name. Don’t worry about the .com ending. All the “dot endings” are on the next page.
I entered: “getfreshveggies” and clicked “Get it”
4. is available. Along with .net, .org and many others.
4. If you want one of the “Dot endings” along the top, click it then click Add to Cart
5. Your cart process may look different. Updates may have been made. I’m logged into my Google account. Maybe you’re not.
Google’s domain purchase checkout process is smooth & easy.

6. You have options at checkout.

Privacy Protection: leave this one. Otherwise you’ll get spam calls.

Auto-renew means you get billed in 1 year for the domain.

Custom email is something like:

If you change the Custom Email dropdown to “Business Starter”

you can get that for $6/month.

Remember, the website builder is free. So you get a website and

email address for $6/month.

This is good enough to get your business started.

From here you can add

  • Directions to your location with a Google map
  • A contact form
  • Value proposition
  • Product & service description

7. What’s next for your own Domain website?

Add text & images.