Marketing DIY for Digital Acquisition Channels

Can’t outsource marketing services? Use this do-it-yourself DIY marketing resource for digital acquisition channels. Below is the outline of a digital marketing strategy.

What is your Small Business size and structure?

  • Are you a sole proprietor freelancer providing a service like website design, coding or marketing?
  • Are you an SMB with yearly revenue of over 2mm and a staff of 10+?

The point of these questions is, who will do the work I outline in this digital marketing guide?

  • Will you do it yourself, along with 20 weekly client hours?
  • Will you do some and outsource the rest, knowing you have to manage what you delegate? Or delegate all.
  • Do it yourself to get your first client.

You need a deep stretch (mind or body) before doing this stuff.

Table of Contents

diy marketing resources strategy and help

What is a Digital Acquisition Channel?

Any interactive media you control, viral and can track.

  • Your website and all the pages, the content, the images, videos, calls to action and everything else.
  • Your email subscriber list, lead lists and customer lists.
  • In-app ads on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Paid Ad Channel Acquisition
    • Amazon ads, App Store ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Google Search ads, Google Display ads, Google Shopping ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Quora ads, Pinterest ads, Snapchat ads, TikTok ads
      YouTube ads, Twitter ads
  • Organic Social Acquisition
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn
  • Influencer Outreach and Marketing to their audience
  • Content acquisition channels
    • Search engine optimization
    • User-generated content
    • Viral content

Document your goals and constraints

DIY Marketing Goals

Each business, product and service is unique, and your approach to getting customers differs.
You may call them clients, buyers, patients, accounts, subscribers or raving fans.

Regardless of what you sell, you must have goals. That’s how you got here. Those goals should include stability, consistency and growth.

These are your starting points for company growth. 

Evaluate and break into a new acquisition channel?

  • Google Paid: Search, Display, Shop, YouTube
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok Ads
  • SEO with a focus on authority link building
  • Influencer marketing. Viral promotions.

Get leads and buyers? Boost sales?  

  • Lift (increase) new buyer transactions
  • Boost Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Compel repeat buyer transactions

Assess your constraints and roadblocks

Consider your time, budget and various things you may need to do.

  1. For research, documentation, strategy, implementation, and refinement?
  2. Create a landing page, social profiles, ads, and other campaign assets.
  3. For Content Creation and Distribution? Or Social Posting, Engagement, and analytics?
  4. What budget do you have for Paid Ads if you don’t have time for any of the above?

Brainstorm & document JTBD

Jobs to Be Done JTBD states customers don’t buy products. They hire products to do jobs. These jobs solve problems in people’s lives. Think of different ways buyers can use your product.

Consider your product or service’s practical and emotional functions for your DIY marketing.

  • If you sell premium custom kitchens, buyers may want a forever kitchen. Or they may wish to improve sale value.
  • Boat docks. Some customers moor boats and have watercraft activities. Other customers relax with the grandkids by the lakeside. Some, a little of both
The optimal way to determine JTBD is through live interviews. I know that’s only possible for some. You’ve got research options.

You’re really looking into and researching problems.

  • How do your buyer’s decide to solve their problems? We all go through phases when doing “homework” on a thing we want to do or something we want to buy.
    • Investigate, explore, seek
    • Study, consider, analyze
    • Decide, work out, settle
  • The Switch. What decide on one product over another? What makes a person switch products?

Create a Personas and an Ideal Client Profile

Customer personas are fictional profiles you create to help you personalize buyers. This exercise gives you insight and sparks ideas.

If done right, you’ve got at least one with a fake name, photo, bio, goals, and challenges.

You’ll use this persona to find a growth channel, create campaign assets, and more.

I created a Google Slide Document buyer persona creation template for you. Create a copy and begin entering the fields for a buyer persona.

Buyer Persona Creation Template by XWebNow

Research your Competition's Marketing Strategy

Why do competitor research?

Find a company like yours doing what you want to do. They tested and executed many iterations to find the best way to grow.

Do you like their Google-ranked content? Their paid search ads? Their social ads?

Their social content?

Choose an acquisition channel

You’d be surprised to know there are limited channels to grow your business.

Online Paid Marketing Channels

  • Google Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube Ads
  • Amazon, Facebook Instagram, Twitter
  • Quora, App Store Ads, Pinterest
  • Snapchat, TikTok, Bing, LinkedIn

Content Acquisition Channels

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • User Generated Content
  • Viral Content

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Create a landing page

A growth campaign may had Paid Ads or at least Organic Social Media postings.

Any paid ad should land on a page relative to the ads content and message.

In fact, this applies to any time you send a user from one place to another, be congruent with your messaging, brand and style.

Create channel ads and other dependent assets

Google search ads require keyword phrases, ads and landing page and more depending on how organized you are.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads require ad copy and images or video if you want. And you need to set up audiences, the people you’ll be targeting.

Set up tracking and data gathering analytics

If you DIY then use Google Analytics GA4. If you’re using Universal Analytics now you have to transition before July, 2023.

XWebNow recommends using Google Tag Manager because you should also track any Paid Ad, social ad and organic social.

GTM let’s you do that with one tag on your website. Then you control everything within GTM.

Review the marketing results and make refinements

Make full use of any Paid ad analytics or Social Media analytics. Each platform has excellent tracking and reporting.

Make sure you track conversions.

Know your key performance indicators KPIs.

Drive improvements with constant iteration

What’s needed?

Depends on your channel and campaign. There’s step by step campaign improvement SOPs for SEO, Paid Ads, Organic Social and Influencer Outreach.

You can do cold outreach and make improvements.

That’s the benefit of digital marketing, you can track and improve nearly everything.

Does this content provide you value? Please let me know if you have questions.

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