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If you engage in eCommerce, you have some knowledge and experience and want to expand on that. I teach and do eCommerce strategy, setup and optimization.

For starters, you want an increase in transaction frequency and Average Order Value AOV.

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eCommerce Topics by XWebNow

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Inventory Digitization

  • Do you manufacture, fabricate or resell items which are your own SKUs? Or have a supplier portal, get a spreadsheet or get SKUs somehow.

  • There can be challenges with titles, descriptions, cost, price, categories, variants (size, color, price), images, and more.

  • Inventory management can be tricky, especially with multiple locations. It comes down to business process rules, restrictions, and maybe transfers.

POS Integration

  • POS starts with a payment provider. You’re using a full service like Stripe or a gateway like with a payment provider.
  • Storefront card machine POS is the same as mobile POS on a mobile device having a card scanner. 
  • The system is on a SaaS platform, so you can log in remotely and see sales, reports, or whatever.
  • Another aspect of POS is scanners. Scanning items, bar codes, and UPCs.

eCommerce shopping cart platform configuration

  • Whatever platform you choose, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Amazon. It won’t be ready out of the box.

  • You have multiple and various settings and configurations to make. Your brand, company info, payment processor, and tax information. There are a couple of dozen settings depending on the platform.

  • Your design, shop, checkout, and all the pages and forms. Do customers have a portal? Can they submit tickets?  Can people submit reviews and comments? Is this moderated?

Shipping integration & processes

  • You either use Ship Station, a competitor, or you have a direct relationship or API connection with a primary carrier. UPS, FedEx, USPS. Whatever your country and region provide.
  • Will you offer real-time shipping calculations?  This is free from most carriers, but it costs with something like Ship Station or Easy Post, or a competitor.
  • You can control the shipping methods.
  • It’s up to you to provide service after the sale. Shipping tracking, updates, and easy returns.

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