Eric Reynolds with XWebNow in Maine

Programming start on the farm at age 14

A fire destroyed the main barn on our family farm when I was 14. We rebuilt with a computerized grain feeding system, and I taught myself its operations. Then I learned computer programming. It was ’84. I’m Eric Reynolds.

What does that mean to you?

I endured a literal trial by fire.

This system came with a computer.  The computer came with a manual.  I read the manual and figured out the computer.  Soon, I was showing the IBM technician how the computer worked and that was basically the start of my life in technology.

eric reynolds maine dairy farm


My professional career in technology started in the US Marines in 1991 as a mainframe programmer and network administrator. 

After the Marines, I traveled for a year and worked short-term positions with Digital, Microsoft, Compaq, and several smaller, regional companies.  

Former US Marine to Freelance Web Developer

Within a year after leaving the Marines and joining the corporate world as a programmer/analyst, I started freelancing. It was ’96.
What’s in it for you?
My knowledge and experience.
.com Boom
I built my first website in 1996. In 1997 became webmaster for in Portland, Maine.

Around ’98, was formed and got $41 million in venture capital to build a custom online seafood auction. I was part of the team.

In 1997 I moved back to Maine and got a webmaster position with Seafax in Portland, Maine. 

We had an enthusiastic and dynamic CEO and he came up with an idea for an Online Seafood Exchange.  He called it and it was a true dot come with a whole lot of venture capital. was the first multimillion-dollar website I worked on.

But, as you know, the dot com bubble burst.

After Gofish, I went back to freelance work.   I ended up being self-employed for 10 years, serving a group of companies in Chicago.

Eric Reynolds of XWebNow