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Looking for your first website design client?

All you need are two things, explained on this page. A Value Proposition and an Offer.

You’re more than just a website designer. But what? Let’s pull that out of you & create a genuine Value Proposition that sets you apart from other designers.

Advice worth 10x your Admission Fee

Don’t sell “website design.” Create a specific value-based offer—one thing with an outcome.
It doesn’t matter if you do project work with rounds of changes. Or one-off tasks (redesign, logo). You still have to offer a specific thing—nature’s rule, not mine.

​A Value Proposition asserts what differentiates you

How do you create a Value Proposition that sets you apart? What’s one look like?
It’s going to look like a few sentences. Don’t worry. I’ll help you.

Below are thought triggers to help you remember & describe how awesome you are.

You’ll use these sentences in outreach emails, on Social Media profiles, your website.

Prompts to Create your Web Design Value Prop

What's an Offer?

What about how to write emails? And who to contact?

But how do I do it? How do I get a client? How does it work?

How do I stand out on Upwork, Freelancer & similar platforms?

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