Google Shopping Ads
setup and optimization

Google Shopping Ads requires little setup. Your eCommerce shopping cart does most of the work.


How does Google Shopping Ads work?

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You need three accounts to get started.

Google Merchant Center GMC sits between your shopping cart (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce) and Google Ads. Inside GMC, you'll hook up your shopping cart.

1. GMC will pull each product (SKU) information from your cart and scan keywords on the product page.
2. GMC then does an automated review to ensure you’re not selling restricted items.
3. If approved, your product’s ad displays with related keyword searches.

Targeting and control options

You can’t target keywords in Google Ads. Only exclude  keywords. Google scans your product page or product listing page for keywords. As your ad gets clicks, Google prioritizes the highest converting keywords if your campaign is conversion-based.

What you can target and control

What you can control.

What you can not target and control

What Google Shopping Ads doesn’t allow you to set or control.

How to get setup with your shopping ads