A candid strategy to get clients, customers or buyers in 2023

Do yourself a solid and keep it simple by publishing reasons buyers should choose your product or service, then repurposing the content across your digital properties.

  • Place value in a fast-loading, easy-to-use, informative website that automates your onboarding.
  • Plan to use each feature and option the social media platforms give you, then make improvements over time.

Every Fortune 1,000 and small business with yearly revenue over 10mm is taking these steps.

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Strategy Contents

A candid strategy to get clients, customers or buyers in 2023

Your Website

Improve your blog or begin blogging with content in three buckets, so you appeal to buyers browsing, comparing and deciding on a purchase.

Your content buckets are.

  • What various jobs our product or service does for you.
  • How you effectively use our product or service.
  • Why choose our products or services over the competition?

Now you have consistent content. Repurpose on other digital channels.

Create a newsletter with the base purpose of notifying you about blog updates.

  • Improve your newsletter by offering incentives.
  • Begin segmenting your newsletter subscribers based on lead type or product interest.


Improve onboarding by converting a site visitor into a lead or buyer.

  • Tie your newsletter system to your lead onboarding web forms. A newsletter subscriber is a buyer in waiting. 
  • Your lead gen forms push into your Customer Relationship Management CRM system as visitors provide more information (last name, address, phone, and product preferences).


You can do this with WordPress plugins or hooks to 3rd party SaaS systems like Constant Contact or MailChimp. Any commercial, SaaS, website builder can do this (Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy.)

  • Put typography, layout and consistent style before design.
  • Put page speed before heavy multimedia or interactive controls.
  • Implement Google Analytics 4 and keep track of your visitor’s behavior.
Your website is good, move on to the next digital property.

Your Google Business Profile

  • Claim your property and optimize each field and option available on every screen you see.
  • Post your blog content along with multimedia related to your product or service.
  • Maintain this property with updates and interact with your audience.
  • Post to this property often and leverage seasons, holidays and news.
  • Keep track of analytics and act on trends.
google business profile

Now you’ve got the world wide web covered, move on to the Social Media Platforms.

Your Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok


Keep posting blog content to your website, Google Business Profile and Social Media accounts.

Now you can focus on blog content

  • Interview customers to discover why they decided to convert from a competitor to you.
  • Research articles related to your product or service and rewrite their content in your own words better.
  • Keep track of your competitor’s messaging.

Your approach doesn’t have to be confusing or your plan complicated. What matters is getting started and being consistent.

Next you consider what you do with and how you treat all the new website and social media visitors you’ll get.

Get started with a conversation with Eric.

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