How’s your 2023 lead gen going to work for you

what's your lead gen process

You can call it lead gen, how you get customers, or how it’s always worked.

Operational costs, labor, upgrades, insurance, and other expenses eat away at your revenue while you rely only on word of mouth and the brand.

You need new buyers, repeat purchases and increased order value.

There’s one way to satisfy what you need, lead generation.

Try Facebook and Instagram Ads

try facebook and instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram represent the largest social media platforms. I write about them together since you manage them in the same Meta Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager accounts.

How to evaluate and select a client acquisition channel

evaluate digital marketing channels

Do you want a framework to evaluate digital marketing channels? To help you decide if an SEO backlink campaign would be more effective than boosted Tweets? Or if spending time on conversion rate optimization would produce better results than an interests-based Facebook campaign?

Scope creep. How to handle and manage expectations.

Scope Creep

Scope creep. How to handle and manage expectations. You’ll always have to deal with scope creep. As you improve your craft, more clients want shiny new features. Part of the game. It takes a step-by-step approach to handling requests and a software system for Project Management PM. Use a SaaS PM system to 10x your […]

Fixed deadline request management tips and strategies

fixed deadline request

Fixed deadline request management tips and strategies I got my start in software development in the US Marines in 1992. Over the years, I’ve done and seen thousands of projects, and not a single one finished on the original deadline. Fixed deadlines rarely work. I’ve never seen a project go on time. It’s rare. Don’t […]

Automation strategy, tips and advice from XWebNow

automation strategy tips and advice

Automation Strategy, Tips and Advice from Eric Reynolds of XWebNow Automation strategy can save time, money and company resources. It’s tied directly to business process. You implement and improve automation by understanding current business processes and opportunity gaps.   Automation Benefits are Various It turns chaos into order, saves time, and gives you peace of mind. […]

What is No-Code?

no-code definition overview points topic

What is No-Code? Do you want to understand no-code? First, let’s take a high-level look at computer programming and Software as a Service (SaaS.) Table of Contents Code before No-Code You’ve heard of computer programming, known as code? There are hundreds of programming languages. And who writes code? Programmers, developers, coders. You may also know […]

The Right Mindset and Operations For a Freelancer

Ideal Freelancer Mindset and Operations Do you have a hard time planning your freelance operations work schedule? If you’re like most freelancers, the answer is probably “yes.” Many things go into running a freelance business – from finding clients and marketing your services to staying motivated and organized. It can be tough to stay on […]

Lead Generation is leveraging an acquisition lane

Lead Generation is Leveraging an Acquisition Channel Even before Google launched AdWords around 2000, you had a lot of options for getting website traffic. Lead generation has always been straightforward. Use the platforms. SEO was evolving, but organic website traffic was the number one today. You could buy traffic from Ad Networks. You could build […]

How freelancers can use their warm market and the NEER method to get leads

Everyone dismisses, or is afraid of, the two most potent but overlooked freelance lead generation methods. As a freelancer, use your warm market to get leads and your relationships to generate business opportunities. The Freelance Economy is Booming As of 2019, the freelancing market employed 35% of the U.S. workforce. That was nearly ten million […]

What is Growth Marketing?

What is Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is a phrase that’s been around for over a decade. Maybe more. However, it’s always been a practice of forward-thinking companies. They didn’t have a name for it—common sense, perhaps. The official definition is something about focusing on customer relationships and building loyalty. It’s a long-term strategy where authentic engagement advocates for organic […]

Paid traffic is a quick and effective way to get visitors, leads and sales

paid traffic quick effective lead sales generation

Paid Traffic is Quick and Effective Lead and Sale Generation There are 5 billion searches on Google daily, and being at the top of those search results is a big deal. Some estimates report that over 95% of clicks go to a website in the top 4 Google results. Paid traffic works. Google Search Ads […]

4 Operations Lessons. Automation, Scope Creep, and Outsourcing

automation strategy tips and advice

4 Operations Lessons: Automation, Scope Creep and Outsourcing Over time, clients have beaten me up over invoices (not literally), freelancers have ghosted me, and automation projects have gone off the rails. I’ve gained operations lessons over the years. Sometimes, the only way to learn a lesson is to have skin in the game and experience […]

How to outsource web projects

How to Outsource Web Projects Over the years as a software developer, I’ve worked with people from all countries and cultures. I’m grateful for my experiences and many conversations. I want to share my experience with how I outsource web projects. After the Dot Com bust and my separation from in 2001, I started consulting. Soon […]

Specialize your freelance business

specialize freelance business operations

Specialize your Freelance Business Some freelancers try to do everything for everyone. Or they have a discipline like photography, graphic design, or writing, but they do it for every business out there. If you want freelance business growth then try to specialize. “I build Shopify apps for bakeries” is laser-focused. How many bakers in the […]