What is a Positioning Statement and how do you create one?

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Positioning Statement: what’s the big deal and how to create one Since my career as a COBOL programmer started in the US Marines in 1991, I’ve had difficulty telling people what I do. It’s been even more challenging as a freelance web developer. Didn’t know what a positioning statement was back then. Explaining computer programming […]

Basic Growth Marketing Strategy

By 2001 I had several clients, transitioning from a software developer who executed coding work to a consultant who advised on strategy. Growth strategy wasn’t a common phrase, but that’s what we were doing.

How can Jobs to Be Done JTBD get you customers?

Have you done a round-the-table Jobs to be Done workshop? After you all dug into your persona’s details, this exercise would be done. More than demographics. Which social networks are they on? Take your product or service, disregard your know features customer research is a requirement for company growth and friendly client relations. Most companies […]

Digital Marketing means not serving spam to fancy guests

Digital Marketing Means not Serving Spam to your Fancy Guests Let’s optimize your digital marketing presence to attract ideal customers, educate them about your solution, and make an offer. Don’t complicate it. Think grocery store. Are you a store aisle expert?Do you think of efficiency improvements while walking through a store? Then you’re a marketing expert. […]

Create Raving Fans with your Website Onboarding

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Create Raving Fans with your Website Onboarding Website onboarding is any experience between an initial website visit, filling out a form, or making a purchase. Smooth onboarding decreases skepticism and reduces friction. Ultimately lowers your customer acquisition cost CAC. It’s like an old fashioned diner. Curious and familiar. Easy to get around. You don’t need […]

Use Pirate Metrics to Drive your Company’s Growth Marketing

Use Pirate Metrics to Drive Your Company’s Growth Get in front of more prospects, convert subscribers, and close more customers. Top it off with more referrals using pirate metrics. What if you had a model to drive your company’s growth marketing strategy? A framework tested and refined over the last 15 years. One that can […]