Automation Strategy, Tips and Advice from Eric Reynolds of XWebNow

Automation strategy can save time, money and company resources. It’s tied directly to business process.

You implement and improve automation by understanding current business processes and opportunity gaps.  

automation strategy tips and advice

Automation Benefits are Various

  • It turns chaos into order, saves time, and gives you peace of mind. Escape the confusion of disorganized client or third-party communications. Something always goes wrong, so it’s best to have a system to handle communications.
  • Save time and effort in the long run. You spend time strategizing and building automation upfront but immediately reap the benefits.
  • Introduces consistency which helps with quality and sparks process creation.
  • You spend more time marketing, getting leads, and closing.

You can automate your entire freelance business from the top of the funnel at client acquisition through the bottom of the funnel at onboarding. Then take the automation to project management, testimonial gathering, and referrals.

What should you automate?

Before deciding what to automate, you should consider how it gets done. That would be with a SaaS tool, an app, or a combination.

  • Automate all your administrative communication, financial dealings, and general operations.

  • Set up and automate all lead generation, inbound marketing, and client onboarding.

  • Your project workflow updates, requests, and statuses and be automated.

  • Testimonial and referral request systems should be set up and forgotten as they generate new leads.

What are some automation strategies?

Begin with brainstorming strategies prior to an automation project.

  • Connect two systems like Mailchimp and your website.
  • Set up folders, files and templates for for a client during onboarding.
  • Aggregating from multiple platforms.

Setting up systems and automating your freelance business’s mundane and routine tasks will free up time for new projects and fixed deadline requests.

If you’re getting started. Try Zapier

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