Basic Growth Marketing Strategy

By 2001 I had several clients, transitioning from a software developer who executed coding work to a consultant who advised on strategy. Growth strategy wasn’t a common phrase but that’s what we were doing.

The lessons were daily and sometimes painful, like hourly versus project billing and how to sell value-based pricing.

One of the most critical sets of lessons was around strategy.

In the 2000’s we didn’t call it Growth Marketing, but back then, I had to look at getting traffic through a lens of growth. The key is to make challenging and complicated marketing decisions structured and informedly.

You’ve done the research and preparation in advance.

  • You’ve crafted Ideal Customer Profiles and detailed Personas to find messaging opportunities.

  • Your competition research has uncovered more messaging opportunities.

  • You’ve identified the Jobs your prospect hires your product to Do. These are your product or service’s Jobs to Be Done, JTBD.

You’ve got the four fits squared away, as described by Reforge.

  • Product-market fit

  • Product Channel Fit

  • Channel Model Fit

  • Model Market Fit


Pirate metrics is an excellent starting strategy if you don’t know where to begin.

It’s the customer lifecycle or journey. Named because of the acronym AAARRR; Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, and Referral.

We are a full-service, performance-based CRO * Agency. How do we serve you?

  • Locate your ideal clients on Social and Search

  • Get their attention & attract them to your site

  • Turn them into customers w/ science & copy

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