Digital Marketing Means not Serving Spam to your Fancy Guests

Let’s optimize your digital marketing presence to attract ideal customers, educate them about your solution, and make an offer.

Don’t complicate it. Think grocery store. Are you a store aisle expert?Do you think of efficiency improvements while walking through a store?

Then you’re a marketing expert. Why? Product placement. It’s a common sense few merchants possess.

digital marketing spam fancy guests

Effective Digital Marketing is like an Intuitive Grocery Store

You find what you need in some stores because of signs and store flow. Others, not so much.

Digital marketing is the same way. Follow simple steps.

  • Target your market.

  • Create good profiles.

  • Run responsible ad campaigns

If the process is simple, then what IS digital marketing?

Who provides it? What companies sell “Digital marketing.” 🙂

The industry calls them Acquisition Channels. You and I use their actual company names. Google, Facebook & Instagram (owned by Meta,) Twitter, and others.

Acquisition channels as of October 2022 are static, defined, and unchanged.

Paid and Organic from Google, Facebook & Instagram, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Amazon, Pinterest, Quora, private Ad Networks (tiny compared to Google’s Display Network), Apple search & app store. Maybe tiny others.

That sentence above is the Digital Marketing ecosphere.

From those companies, you buy paid ads. Or you use their platform to push your message, engage, and build communities.

Your product or service may not work on TikTok, though. You’d be surprised. It’s worth a try for $100. Especially with the knowledge you’d gain from just getting into the platform.

Digital Marketing models and frameworks

I like the Four Fits model. It means you don’t serve spam to fancy guests.

Product-market fit

Product Channel Fit

Channel Model Fit

Model Market Fit

Demand Curve presents a Five Fits model.

Target market: your clients, customer, or patients.

Product or service: whatever you create, source, sell, or the service you provide.

Business model: your revenue engine

Brand: your presentation to the world

Acquisition channels: however you attract and acquire new customers.

Who is your market?

Describe these people. Create at least one named persona with life, career, interests, problems, and goals.

Who is your market?

Describe these people. Create at least one named persona with life, career, interests, problems, and goals.

Avoid doing this exercise because you’re too busy. It will be too late because I’m teaching everyone these basic marketing strategies.

How do you get clients, customers, or patients?

  1. Your website need’s to meet a 15 to 20-point checklist, which is another blog post.

  2. Create full Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest profiles.

  3. Post to Facebook and Instagram.

  4. Search through and post to other people’s stuff.

  5. If you don’t want to do this stuff. Hire people. Or stop thinking you want more customers. It requires meticulous analysis and reading work. It’s not for everyone.

  6. Everyone else, continue.

  7. Create a Facebook Ad. test the waters. Facebook has incredible helpful resources.

  8. Do the same for Instagram, owned by FB and managed in the same place.

  9. You’ll find people may not respond. You’ve got to tweak the ad. But how much do you need to tweak an ad? You’ve got an excellent service, right?

  10. It’s the same process for any ad you place if you do it yourself.

How does hiring an agency work?

Think about it. A web marketing agency, like construction companies or home remodelers, comes in many forms.

  • Sole proprietors. Either do the work themselves (doubtful) or craft strategy, outsource to a team, and manage projects.

  • Remote partnerships. Same as sole proprietors but theirs 2 or more.

  • A firm renting space with W2 staff and outsourced experts.

You must understand that Digital Marketing is performed by various professionals of varying skills.

Few will have, on W2 staff, all these experts. Half of those experts are planning an exit strategy for a competitor if they do.

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