How can Jobs to Be Done JTBD get you customers?

Have you done a round-the-table Jobs to be Done workshop? After you all dug into your persona’s details, this exercise would be done. More than demographics.

Which social networks are they on?

Take your product or service, disregard your know features customer research is a requirement for company growth and friendly client relations. Most companies do no customer research; if they do, it’s minimal and unstructured. You’ve got to know almost better than they know themselves.

You can use two frameworks to do most of your customer research, Jobs to Be Done and Personas, also known as Ideal Customer Profiles.

Jobs to be done was coined and invented by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen in the early 2000s. It states that customers don’t buy products. They hire products to fulfill jobs in their lives.

“The secret to winning the innovation game lies in understanding what causes customers to make choices that help them achieve progress on something they are struggling with in their lives. To get the right answers, Christensen says, executives should ask: “What job would consumers want to hire a product to do?”

Let’s break this down.

Customers hire products or services for a specific job.

If the product or service does the job well, customers will hire the product again.

If the product or service doesn’t perform, they’ll fire it and hire something else to solve the problem.

So your customers hire your product to do a job, whatever you sell, whether it’s complicated data analysis or DIY home gardening ebooks. Your clients also hire your product to fulfill an emotional or functional job in their lives or sometimes both.

A famous example is the Snickers game-changing use of Jobs to Be Done. Snickers learned customers were eating their candy bar for a mid-meal snack.

In the ’80s, it started with “Snickers really satisfies you.” That progressed to “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Snickers ads open and hook you about hunger, not their caramel-topped nougat smothered in milk chocolate candy bar.

I think with this post. You have enough information. I’m brash, but I don’t bullshit around.

Let’s talk if you want increased earnings, cost savings, or process improvement.

How many of your competitors use the Jobs to Be Done framework in their growth marketing strategy? Few, if any.

Start using it. Take a step-by-step approach and refine it as you go. One way to leverage this data is to apply it to your personas.

Customer personas are fictional profiles you create to help you visualize your audience, or target market, as people.


Personas are a required research strategy if you want company growth—the more detailed your research and documentation, the better the results.

Create a persona profile using the following information.

Gather demographic info like their age, gender, and marital status. Go detailed with income, geo-location, and family info.

Research or brainstorm their professional backgrounds like work experience and education.

Personal preferences like interests, favorite music, or professional sport. Do they travel?

Psychographics like their goals, values, and challenges.

I helped dance studios create personas while building custom web portals in the late 2010s.

Then tied the personas JTBD research we had done. We were surprised to learn the dance mom’s favorite feature wasn’t online payments, class management, or news and events. It was a photo sharing to social media feature. Moms could share and post pictures from recitals and competitions on popular social media channels.

Do the same exercise with your Research output of Personas and Jobs to Be Done.

Personas tell stories of the moments different types of people encounter problems that your product or service solves. In these moments, your customers hire your product for the “job it does.”

Adding detail to these stories and personas helps you understand the reasons and emotions behind people’s decisions. You can also use these stories to find potential objections to handle them upfront.

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