How to get quality content when your options are job boards, writing services and freelancers

The key to buying quality content in a competitive landscape of providers.

Everyone wants quality content for their business. So, whether you want one article or dozens to rewrite one webpage or an entire site, you’re always hustling to get it done.

Whatever role you play in sourcing content, we all face the same challenges.

  • Late or missed deadlines.

  • Crap work that reads boxy and lacks flow.

  • AI-generated sentences and paragraphs.

  • And many more.

quality content when your options are job boards, writing services and freelancers

Now consider an ideal scenario; you’re happy with a freelancer or content writing service and getting killer content. How do you keep it going? Nurture that relationship, or the quality will eventually lag. Communication is key. Each piece of content needs a project brief to make it spark.

The content players are agencies, freelancers, job boards, and content writing services. A wolf in sheep’s clothing reselling content is anyone missing from that list.

Content with a price tag becomes a commodity subject to market rates and value. Select what you want, order, fill out a brief and get a blog post three days later. This seems easier than hiring a freelancer, especially if you don’t know the cost. Every option has risks and benefits. Make sure to use e a guide.

The Concept of Good, Fast and Cheap

Approach content buying with the Project Management Triangle. Good, Fast or Cheap. Pick Two. There’s always a tradeoff.

  • Cheap + fast = lower quality work

  • Fast + good = expensive

  • Good + cheap = not happening anytime soon

Let’s look at the content landscape using the triangle.

Use a job board or hire a writing company

Are you familiar with Fiverr or Upwork, the job boards where you can hire freelancers in an escrow model?

  • You post a project request

  • Many freelancers bid on your project.

  • You select one freelancer, and they do the work.

  • The money remains in escrow until both parties agree to complete the project.

You get all this inside the job board system. Sometimes you find a freelancer you can work with for a long time. They become your “go-to” for quality content projects in the future.

Next, there are content writing services. Depending on the service, you can get a 600-word blog post for $70 or less. I’m not using affiliate links anywhere in this article. It’s all shameless self-promotion, so go check these places out. Look at their features, hear their pitch.

These services have pools of writers who bid on your project behind the scenes, so you don’t see that part of the sausage factory.

Outsource quality content

These services have pools of writers who bid on your project behind the scenes, so you don’t see that part of the sausage factory.


  • You get content cheaply and fast.

  • You don’t have to interface in person if you don’t want to. Just create a spec and order.

  • Get the content and refine it for SEO or brand, tone, style, and flow.


  • Not properly capturing your requirements, voice, tone, and style. properly.

  • Loss of getting your content across the finish line because it’s sub-par.

  • You don’t get content strategy, story, or other value-added services.

  • At best, you get poor to fair results which may not pass basic grammar composition rules.

  • Using AI or pulling from different sources makes it seem “boxy.”

  • Lack of flow, readability, and sentence variety.

  • Lack of transitions from one paragraph to another

  • Not speaking to, addressing, or connecting with your audience or target market.

You get fast and cheap; from my experience, both job boards and writing services are consistent. I’ve used multiple vendors in each service type.

Another quality content generation choice is Artificial Intelligence AI.

Using Artificial Intelligence

These SaaS websites provide a service for a monthly or yearly fee. You get an account with an interface where you can start creating content immediately.

Your monthly cost is associated with tokens. You may start with 300 tokens.

A token is a unit of search.

You get content by entering a keyword phrase into a form

The AI spits out paragraphs, full blogs, web pages, social media posts, and much more.

The AI charges you a token each time you do one of these searches.

You have to try this for yourself to know. Most of these services have a free trial option and a satisfaction guarantee. So what do you have to lose if you’re serious about content?

Make sure to use a service with the GPT-3 artificial intelligence model IA from OpenAI.


Generate quality content


  • You get decent, acceptable content written fast and for a cheap price.

  • You don’t have to interface with anyone and can be up and creating content within minutes.

  • Prolific writing allows you to test different ideas.


  • Same challenges you’ll face from a job board or writing service.

  • You still have to craft a readable article or piece of content that flows.

  • You’ll have to write an opening and closing along with paragraph transitions.

  • The AI content can be unreadable and lack substance.

  • You have to spend numerous credits on your account to find good content.

With A.I. content generation, you get out what you put in. So entering descriptive, keyword-rich phrases and sentences will get you better results.

Are you ready to leave all that behind and hire a freelancer or agency?

Hire a freelancer or agency for quality content

What should you do next? Open a phone book and look under “C” for Content Creator or “F” for Freelance Writer.

A content writer may find you with an article like this.

How does a freelancer or agency work?

A content creator, freelancer, and freelance writer will want to know more about your project before committing to giving you a price. They’ll want to provide value and ensure you are satisfied with their work. The freelancer is motivated by earning a good review from you for their work. Sometimes strategy is a value-added service.

Because of these pre-meetings before any writing happens, the outcome is higher quality.


  • Fair to good chance you’ll get good content and strategy.

  • You’ll work with a person, usually over Zoom or the phone.

  • Personalized service lends to a higher quality outcome.


  • Fast and good means a higher cost.

  • How do you find a good freelancer or agency? Keep the triangle in mind and create an good project brief.

You could do the writing yourself.

Write quality content yourself

Have you discovered the benefits of journaling? Dumping your thoughts on paper or typing them on the computer can quickly turn chaos into order.

Try beginning your day with journaling, or if your thoughts are scattered, a journal entry can help organize them.

  • If you’re having a hard time writing, then journal.

  • Once the juices are flowing, then begin writing about your topic.

  • You can flesh out an outline of a subject.

  • The outline is a list of questions for you to answer.

  • Now answer the questions.

  • Add an opening, a closing, and some transitions, and you’ve got a draft.


  • Write daily.

  • Gather ideas daily and craft outlines.

  • Finish and publish daily, weekly or monthly.

A substantial project brief is the foundation of each writing project and the key to getting the desired results.

What's a Project Brief?

The brief is a set of instructions given to writers with everything they need to know to produce complete and compelling content.

  • Ask yourself, what do I want from a piece of content?

  • Do you want straight-up content, or do you also need a strategy?

  • Who are the target market, audience, and reader?

  • What kind of content?

Long-form content such as e-books, whitepapers, infographics, guides,

Blog posts, emails, landing pages, video scripts, social media, and event materials.

Other information in your quality content project brief.


  • Length (1000, 1500 words, etc.)
  • Project Details
  • Keyword phrases
  • Audience
  • Tone, voice, style
  • Competition
  • Content Scope
  • Links to statistics
  • Content examples
  • Visuals (images)or examples to use
  • On-Page SEO Tasks or goals
  • Your Unique Angle

Combine knowledge of the content player’s landscape with this advice in your project brief and measure the risks and benefits of getting the content you want.

Get a blog post written with a service. Then, refine it yourself and see how long it takes and if it’s worth the effort.

Hire a freelancer or agency and measure how quality content can drive growth marketing.

Write some stuff yourself, but be warned that none of your other work will get done.

Whatever you decide to do, start with the project brief.

Does the content in this post provide you value? Please let me know if you have any questions.