How's your 2023 lead gen going to work for you?

You can call it lead gen, how you get customers, or how it’s always worked.

Operational costs, labor, upgrades, insurance, and other expenses eat away at your revenue while you rely only on word of mouth and the brand.

You need new buyers, repeat purchases and increased order value.

There’s one way to satisfy what you need, lead generation.

what's your lead gen process

So what's your lead gen looking like?

  • People call a central number and get routed to a sales rep, even if that sales rep is you or one of your SDRs. And that phone number could ring to a voice mail. But it’s something.
  • People see an email address on your website. You expect them to open up an email, think of a subject, then think of a message to send. That’s painful, so why would you force that upon future customers?
  • People submit a form on your website. Do the form results go into a CRM, and are they tied to your newsletter?
  • People message from Social Media platforms, much like getting an email from your website.


Gather all this up, and you’ve got phone calls, emails, form submissions and social messages. <– That’s what your lead gen is looking like.

Take a look at how you treat and what you do with these inbound events. Then take away obstacles and automate with a system.

What you do

  • Phone calls are either documented or not. A documented call means you capture the person’s information and buyer intent in a CRM.
  • Emails either stay in one or many inboxes, get automatic replies, or are integrated with a CRM or not.
  • Form submissions are stored in a database at least and ideally integrated with your CRM.

How you treat these events means doing them from their perspective, as you are them, and giving an honest assessment. You’ll get an idea of how you treat them, how much you make them think, and the obstacles you put in the way.

It’s not your intent to create obstacles, but your responsibility to fix it if you want better lead gen.

Here's what you do.

  1. Set up a CRM if it’s free, paid or WordPress with a free form plugin.
  2. Set up a newsletter with, or a free WordPress plugin.
  3. Consider disallowing direct access to people with individual email addresses. 
  4. Push visitors to a web form and tag the person or have a main web form for all sales reps.
  5. Now you are onboarding leads into a CRM and a newsletter. From here, you can segment, make notes and follow up.
  6. Appoint one person to execute the auto-follow-up lead management process. 
  7. The goal is to march/guide/compel them from interested browsers to happy buyers.

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Take action on this advice and your lead gen will be looking much better for you.

So how do you get visitors to your website or social media pages/accounts to take advantage of a better lead gen system?

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