Lead Generation is Leveraging an Acquisition Channel

Even before Google launched AdWords around 2000, you had a lot of options for getting website traffic. Lead generation has always been straightforward. Use the platforms. SEO was evolving, but organic website traffic was the number one today. You could buy traffic from Ad Networks. You could build relationships in groups, forums, and chat rooms and influence the members like you can do today on social media.

Lead generation remains constant. Platforms change.

Considering internet marketing like SEO, Ad Networks, subscribers, affiliates, or website visitors was confusing. I had to envision the people my clients wanted to target or attract. I started reminding my clients these are people on computers using browsers.

Lead generation is company, product and campaign specific.

Making that thought transition has helped me as the website traffic universe has evolved over the years.

You want to attract or interrupt people on their phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, or whatever device they use to get on the Internet.

You can name it whatever you want.

  • Inbound or Outbound Marketing

  • Channel Lead or Product Lead Marketing

  • Demand Growth

It doesn’t matter what Acquisition Lane you use.

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