Paid Traffic is Quick and Effective Lead and Sale Generation

There are 5 billion searches on Google daily, and being at the top of those search results is a big deal. Some estimates report that over 95% of clicks go to a website in the top 4 Google results. Paid traffic works.

Google Search Ads are at the top of those search results. You can buy your way to the top. You can also buy YouTube Ads, and YouTube gets 34 billion visitors a month.

If you’re a small business or entrepreneur, you can play in the same field as large corporations. Your ad can run alongside the biggest companies in the world starting today.

paid traffic quick effective lead sales generation

Paid traffic with Google

Google Search Ads lets you harness the power of intent-based targeting. You market to people searching who show intent and interest in your product or service.

Intent-based targeting differs from the Ads you buy on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or even Google Display ads. On those Channels, you use interest-based or demographic-based targeting.

You create an audience and assume those people are interested in your ad, even though they don’t explicitly seek you out.

Another paid traffic ad option from Google is Display Ads in the Google Display Network (GDN), the largest advertising network with over 2 million websites, apps, and videos. An advertising network is a collection of websites that allow targeted banner ad placements.

Display ads generally have a 1%, or lower, conversion rate. Most people think they’re annoying or outright ignored (banner blindness.) Maybe that’s why Display ads are great for brand awareness and remarketing. People will see your ads everywhere they use the Internet.

While in Search Ads, you target based on keywords by the audience, demographic, or content in Display Ads.

Google Shopping Ads are a must-have for eCommerce as your ad and product image display organic and paid results.

YouTube Ads get clicks if you can tell a good story about your product. You already have content on your website and on Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You’ll need a budget for brand awareness and the resources to create visually appealing, memorable, and engaging ads. Maybe your personality is so striking and outrageous that people click with you, and you’ll go viral.

Facebook and Instagram paid traffic options

Facebook and Instagram marketing is a quick, targeted, and effective way to get Ad clicks converted into leads or sales. Facebook and Instagram combine for about 32 billion visitors a month. You can reach your specific target market because of interest and demographic-based targeting.

You manage ads for Facebook and Instagram on the same platform, but you can target either social network or both. Facebook’s users tend to be Gen X or older millennials who use desktops and mobile devices. Some research has shown that mobile ads perform better.

Instagram is effective at targeting younger, tech-savvy customers active on mobile devices.

Targeting is powerful and audience-based, meaning you set manual criteria based on people’s demographics, behaviors, or interests. It’s only as powerful as the information Facebook can collect from people. That was drastically reduced when Apple’s recent App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature allowed users with iOS 14 devices to opt-out of being tracked.

With a good value proposition, ad copy, offer, and call to action, you can get plenty of visitors and leads from Facebook.

Suppose Google, Facebook, and Instagram don’t give you enough visitors, leads, and sales. In that case, you can buy ads on LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter, Apple Search, Quora, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and many Ad Networks. Paid traffic options are abundant.

Maybe you don’t have the budget for Paid Ads, but you’ve got in-house creativity, expertise, and thought leadership. Quality Content Creation, Distribution, and Marketing are requirements for your business.

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