Specialize your Freelance Business

Some freelancers try to do everything for everyone. Or they have a discipline like photography, graphic design, or writing, but they do it for every business out there. If you want freelance business growth then try to specialize.

“I build Shopify apps for bakeries” is laser-focused. How many bakers in the app builders language are using Shopify? It could be 50K or one million. I don’t know.

It’s not only about niching down to a vertical in your positioning statement.

It’s about the kind of clients you want to attract. You want clients who value outcomes and have the resources they need.

Resources like staff to provide information, collateral, and assets for a project along with cash to pay.

specialize freelance business operations

When you niche down and specialize, you attract these types of clients. You don’t appeal to prospects who want the budget cost, and discounts or don’t have the staff to support your project.

Be decisive and remarkable.

Specializing differentiates you from the competition. Take it far enough to put yourself on a level of your own.

What is a specialist?

A specialist is a service provider, coach, content producer, or creative professional positioning themself as experts. The specialist’s expertise crosses their discipline (programmer, marketer, writer) and what their market wants.

How focused do you specialize?

Your specialization focus is yours, but I’ve focused on the exact business type, dance studios. Then I honed in on a product, building custom client web portals.

Does that mean I only worked on the portals for dance studios? Of course not. It’s how I marketed myself.

When I put out ads saying I specialized in customer portals for dance studios, other businesses came out of the woodwork and asked if I could build one for them. “Do you build these for landscaping businesses?” It kept me busy.

Do you understand? Specializing makes other businesses want to contact you even more. It’s psychology. You give the impression you’re an expert. Everyone wants to work with an expert.

What would stop you from specializing?

Fear. You’re afraid you wouldn’t get enough clients. Just the opposite will happen. Try it.

You’ll get bored working in the same niche. Again, give it a try. You’ll find fulfilling projects by specializing or not.

After two years, I stopped building custom web customer portals and moved on to something else. You can change your specialization anytime.

Once you’ve decided to specialize, your next step is to craft a laser-focused positioning statement.

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