I want a website and digital marketing review. How does it work?

You’re busy serving clients, managing operations, HR, and multiple people. Then again, you’ve got a website and know changes need to happen. I’m here to help. A website and digital marketing review align your goals with a strategic plan or road map.

I’m sure you also like to make informed business decisions. Before changing any business processes, starting a lead gen campaign or building a new website, at least chat with me.

I can give you critical insights into your buyer’s journey across multiple channels, even if that decision is seasonal or takes eight months from quote to sale.

The best, if not the only, option is to Create Content.

It may be a blog, email, Instagram story, Tweet, YouTube short, or Infographic. A Facebook Page, TikTok or Instagram account for a passionate and dedicated following or a YouTube creator channel. You can buy ads (yes, paid ads are Content) on any social network and, of course, Google, Bing, Apple, Amazon, Quora, and many others.

website and digital marketing review how does it work

Table of Contents

You track the Content and do more of what people click and engage.

You match and tailor content for buyers at relevent points in their purchase journey. That’s it. Everything else is detailed configuration, setting, and decision-making setups.

Consider that a website is a digital marketing channel, much like a Google Business Profile and email are also channels. Paid ads are another channel, and organic social growth is another. Evaluate each channel for potential buyers. Google Search ads work differently than Google Display ads, and both are distinct from Twitter ads which are similar but not as powerful as Facebook ads, and TikTok ads are unique to them all.

Get it?

What’s the website and digital marketing review three step process?

  1. An initial goal and outcome discussion so we’re on the same page and get to meet each other.
  2. Project deliverables are a report in PDF format and a video of me illustrating points in the report.
  3. In a Zoom meeting we go over the report, during which you (and team) should ask questions, I answer live. I can record it if you want.

Any strategic review begins with understanding goals, intent and outcomes.


What are your company growth goals?

I have to know what you want. Within the list below, you will find ideas on company growth. 

  • More people. Visitors, leads (MQLs, SQLs) subscribers, buyers, repeat buyers, referrals, testimonials, AOV.
  • More sales. Orders, AOV, repeat, frequency, packages, subscriptions, trials, paid in advance.
  • Improve something. Lead, buyer, and subscriber onboarding. How does the lead process begin? Email link, phone number, form submission?
  • Provide an automated service. A self-service client portal or another way for your leads, buyers, or clients and use your product or get help without needing your staff.
  • System improvement, upgrade, modification, change migration, transition.
  • Break into a new digital marketing channel. Paid ads in Google, Bing, Amazon, and Quora. Or paid ads on a social network. Start with one platform and campaign, one ad to one landing page, and get that fully optimized.
  • Drive improvements by implementing buyer journey tracking and conversion rate optimization CRO.

The website review is half relying on decades of experience with heuristic analysis and half use of SaaS investigation tools.

What's a website review?

My deliverables are straightforward but thorough and revealing. Here’s a list, though these items inform further research.

  • It’s a full tech-stack review of website code, structure, platform, CMS, host, and DNS configuration.
  • On-site SEO & backlink profile
  • Heuristic review of the following items
    • Site hierarchy and menu
    • Page content and copywriting
    • Design and layout

My digital marketing channel acquisition analysis is the same as any marketing firm with a staff of W2 employees.

I use the same tools, search the same Platforms, looking for the same signals.

What you get with an agency is the appearance of more because there’s Accounting, Human Resources, Project Managers and General Managers. It seems like you have a team behind you but it’s just the company behind the one skilled person you need.

You’re only working with that one, W2 staff member actually doing the work and the added cost doesn’t come from the advice they get from bookkeeping.

It doesn’t take two people to do this work. No way. It’s not plumbing, electrical work or something needing four hands.

What's a digital marketing review?

It’s an evaluation of your owned digital properties, followers, engagements and the data from each platform.

  • It’s an opportunity overview tailored to your personas and ideal clients.
  • Do the same exercise for different personas you want to reach.
  • Using a real-world example, You may have a business Twitter account without an optimized profile, and you don’t Tweet.
    • What if 20% of your customers had Twitter accounts? It’s not that you post to them on Twitter.
    • It’s a strategy of posting just enough to get them engaged, so you get set up a retargeting ad.
    • Now they see your ad wherever they go or not. (you control this.)
  • That’s a part of what you get in a digital marketing review.
  • Remember, I wrote that it’s all just Content. Paid, Organic, User Generated, Viral, it doesn’t matter.

What else can you get in a website and digital marketing review?

  • Search Engine Optimization; on site, backlinks, content strategy and local.
  • Paid search evaluation for Google, Bing and Social Platforms.
    • You get a detailed breakdown of which campaign, ad group, ad, bid strategy, and keyword phrase isn’t working.
  • Organic Social strategy for targeting, audience, bidding, and ad copy.
  • A blog strategy or rescue plan.

If you do eCommerce, that's a whole extra set of review criteria

  • Your cart sections; category, product listing, product detail, checkout, add to cart, and purchase process.
  • Your analytics configuration, conversion tracking, GA4 transition, GA Tag manager set up, Socal pixel integration and buyer journey mapping.
  • Get an understanding of GA4 User Level tracking and how important it is to have an email newsletter.
  • Inventory management, POS, supplier management, drop shipping, carrier integration, real-time shipping calculations, and more.

Does the content in this post provide you value or make you curious? Please let me know if you have questions.

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