Value Proposition. What is it, why create one and how?

Your business’s thought-out and well-written value proposition will return more than expected on your time investment. Where do you start?

It Starts with Differentiation

What’s meant by differentiation?

  • The amazing thing you do differently than competitors.

  • What you offer is a better option than your prospect’s alternatives.

You may have a list of these things, but you have to find that one thing that makes you stand out from the rest. This one thing is your key differentiator.

Your key differentiator is the thing everyone instantly recognizes and desires about your product, service, or business.

There are many definitions. It means something different to each company. Something different to you.

value proposition what is it

Here's a list of value proposition definitions.

  • A statement identifying a key benefit your product or service delivers.

  • A statement to convey why buyers should choose your products or services.

  • A promise of the value you’ll deliver and communicate.

  • How the customer believes you’ll deliver value.

  • Your value proposition is a unique identifier. Apply it to services, products, parts of, or your entire company.

The best way to know a good value proposition is to see one. There are examples of compelling value propositions everywhere. Now that you know how to identify one, you can seek them out.

Uber – The Smartest Way to Get Around

Vimeo: Professional-quality video hosting


HelloFresh: Stress Free meals

Start writing your high-performing value propositions with these must-have characteristics.


Your competitors can’t say it. They probably can but don’t.


Don’t make your value proposition ambiguous, vague, or unclear. Include something distinct and clear-cut, like a reference to your niche or a number.


Your prospects want a unique thing you have. They have a passion for what you have.


It’s not a lengthy mission statement but not a brief tagline.


Tie your value proposition to emotion. What is the emotional reason a prospect decides to choose you? Identify and use this.

A value proposition can be a sentence or a headline and include a sub-head with bullet points and whatever is necessary to convey the message.

Craft a value proposition by starting with a template, a kind of form. HubSpot does it best with most things, including value proposition templates you can get here.

Have you created a positioning statement?

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