What's a Web Host's role in your business?

My advice to web strategy clients since 1999 is to know the entity with which you’re doing business and the process to get support.

Too many business owners default to inaction because they need help understanding website, digital marketing or eCommerce service provider options.

This inaction has always confused me.

The construction (or any) industry develops innovations that spring up new types of companies. They do what my father’s generation calls “homework” and figure it out.

My brother owns a custom kitchen shop. He’s thinking of buying one of those automatic cutting machines. So he figures out how to install and operate the machine.

Why do so many not follow this strategy with online service companies? Still trying to figure it out, but I’m patient.

Let me help you understand web hosting. It’s a service that provides the platform for your website.

  • Think about the power company—a service. I’ll take a shot and guess you don’t know what those hoop things on power lines do.
  • Or what’s happening in those fenced in metal towers and buildings with wires going in each direction?

You don’t need to understand. You pay a bill and turn on the lights.

Same with web hosting. Pay the monthly (or yearly) subscription, and your website is online.

I use multiple host providers. One I’ve been with since 2006. Guess what? My website has never been down.

Website uptime worries are as old as AOL. You want 24/7 phone (or at least chat) support. You want a host with a fast or distributed network using content sharing.

If you’re like me, you dive deep and fully understand a topic. You may or may not geek out.

Either way, I got you.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Web Hosting

The most thorough, user-friendly and reliable web hosting resource I’ve seen is from my friends at Digital.com.

They call it Complete, but I say it’s the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Web Hosting. All you need to go from 0 to 100 in understanding. Excellent typography and layout as well.

Web Host Services

Straightforward service and option descriptions. Check out the 8 Essential Web Hosting Features

This is for business owners with scale in mind.

How much does Web Hosting Cost?

One of the most asked questions about web hosting is how much does web hosting cost. The Digital.com team gives you a bulletproof process for making the right decision.

What are you waiting for?

Get your web hosting squared away, know how to get support and focus on business growth.

Does the content in this post provide you value or make you curious? Please let me know if you have questions.