Why do you need website design?

Are you sure you don’t need a lift in leads, subscribers, buyers, transaction or sales?

Website design is a process of requirements, iteration, testing and implementation with many bits and pieces in between.

Again, you positive you need all that?  Or do you need conversion optimization in any Pirate Metric area; Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention or Referral.

Build, Design & Maintain Your Own Website for Small Business, Organization, Group, Club or Personal

Google Website Builder

Google Domains sells domains for $12/year. Get an email address with that for $6/month. Total yearly cost, ~$90.

The domain purchase comes with a free, above-average website builder.

You can hire an international freelance designer who will provide mockups then a Photoshop , PSD, or Illustrator file.

You can hire another international freelancer to slice up the PSD into WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify and many others

Do you need a full website or structured optimization?

Before getting into a full redesign project consider your goal and outcome.

I’m talking you out of a website redesign. Consider other options for budget spending. Let’s chat.

Can it be achieved with design elements? A new home page hero section or parallax (the thing that scrolls on many websites.)

I know for a fact your goal can be achieved by optimizing what you have and reaching more of you ideal buyers.

Website design freelancer

Who do you hire and how much does it cost?

Hire a transparent firm.

Their office location (home or leased space) shouldn’t be a secret.

  • In the United States, do they have W2 staff along with sub-contractors?
  • You should be able to ask and get an answer.
  • There should be a project management process. It’s 2022, and we’ve been building websites since 1994 and have refined the process.

The cost depends on your web property’s value. eCommerce sites with 10K monthly transactions are different than websites with forms getting 5K visitors a month.

Asking a website cost is like asking how much a car costs. Let’s start with what you want.

Website design fiverr